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CASLI Membership & Subscription Information

Becoming a CASLI Member

CASLI offers individual memberships in 2 different categories to individuals who meet the criteria outlined in CASLI's Bylaws. 

These categories are:

Class A Members - Active Interpreter, including

Class B Members - Students, including

Click on the appropriate link above to learn more about the process of becoming a CASLI member under that category.

If you don't meet the eligibility criteria for any of the categories above you can sign up for a Subscription Service on the Become a Member page


Are you a Current Member Looking to Renew?

Current memberships and subscription services can be renewed beginning January 1 and must be renewed by 11:59 pm PST of March 31 annually. 

Login to renew an existing membership.

Cost of a Membership

    • The cost of a membership depends on many factors, such as
    • first-time member discount
    • Affiliate Chapter fees
    • the type of membership 
    • if you are the age 60 or older
    • if you are late to renew or if your membership status is lapsed/expired

For current pricing and to become a member please visit the Become a Member page

The "In Lieu" membership option is only open to CASLI members that live in a province/territory/country that doesn't have an Affiliate Chapter established.

For more information about the policy, see here.

Additional Links:

Membership Leave Policy

Membership Payment Plan (for Class A - Active Members or to Class B - Student members upgrading to Active)

Motions affecting membership renewals

Voice (vrs) / vp: 437-370-8127

Text: 289-988-3397