Past CASLI Conference

CASLI conferences are hosted by Affiliate Chapters every other summer. Delegates can expect two days of professional development and two days of CASLI business meetings. 

 Year Location Conference Theme Elected to President
 1979  Winnipeg, MB (First National  Gathering)  
 1980 Ottawa, ON (Incorporating  Meeting)  Louise Ford
 1981 Edmonton, AB  Paul Bourcier
 1983 Montreal, QC  Dottie Rundles
 1984 Halifax, NS See the Shore in '84 Richard W.  Letourneau
 1986 Calgary, AB Spectrum '86 Bonnie Heath  (Dubienski)
 1988 Toronto, ON  Debra Russell
 1990 Vancouver, BC Gateway to the Future Debra Russell
 1992 Saskatoon, SK Interpreters - Bridging the Gap Karen Malcolm
 1994 Winnipeg, MB Celebrating Our Roots Tracy Hetman
 1996 Ottawa, ON  Tracy Hetman
 1998 Montreal, QC  Kelly Mackenzie
 2000 Edmonton, AB Hand in Hand, Through 2000 and  Beyond Denise Smith
 2002 Halifax, NS The Message and the Medium Denise Smith
 2004 Vancouver, BC Building on Yesterday, Imaging  Tomorrow Denise Sedran  (Murray)
 2006 Toronto, ON Where Sight and Sound Converge Tarren McKay
 2008 St. John's, NL Connecting Minds and Communities Colleen Friel
 2010 Ottawa, ON Small Steps, Big Difference Christie Reaume
 2012 Calgary, AB Creativity & Collaboration: Shaping  Our Future Christie Reaume
 2014 Winnipeg, AB Interpreting & Human Rights Jocelyn Mark  Blanchet
 2016 Fredericton, NB Together We Grow Ashley Campbell
 2018 Niagara Falls, ON Little Hands, Big Message 
 2020 Vancouver, BC Online AGM Held Jessica Siegers

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