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Why Hire a CASLI Member?

What is the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI)?

CASLI is the only national association representing sign language interpreters in Canada. All new members of CASLI will have graduated from a recognized ASL-English Interpreter Education Program. Graduates of Canadian Interpreter Education Programs receive a diploma and/or degree level credentials, depending on the institution.

Why choose a CASLI member?

The CASLI Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct highlights the requirement by all CASLI members to possess the knowledge and skills to support accurate and appropriate interpretation. Knowledge and skills can be assessed by regular involvement in professional development opportunities, years of experience providing interpreting services, non-interpreting educational background, life experience and cultural exposure.

Each interpreting situation requires a specific set of knowledge and skills. Prior to accepting interpreting work, CASLI members assess each request to determine if they have the knowledge and skills required for the work. Both certified and non-certified CASLI members are obligated to only accept work for which they are qualified. All CASLI members are obligated to abide by CASLI's Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct.

What is a Certified Interpreter?

CASLI is the only association that certifies American Sign Language (ASL) - English interpreters in Canada through its Canadian Evaluation System (CES). The Certificate of Interpretation is granted on the successful completion of the CES process.  CASLI members who have successfully completed a written test of knowledge, professional development workshops and a skills test, will be granted the the Certificate of Interpretation (COI).

In Canada, only members who have been granted the COI may refer to themselves as a “certified interpreter”.  The CASLI Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct also comes with the expectation that members will actively strive for CASLI certification. However, it should be noted that members of CASLI who have not achieved certification are still qualified to provide interpreting services.

What is a Registered Sign Language Interpreter?

A Registered Sign Language Interpreter is an interpreter who works in British Columbia and is a dual member of the Westcoast Association of Visual Language Interpreters (WAVLI) and CASLI. WAVLI is currently the only Affiliate Chapter of CASLI that has achieved legislative Occupational Title Protection under the British Columbia Provincial Government. In British Columbia, only members in good standing with WAVLI may refer to themselves as Registered Sign Language Interpreters, Registered ASL/English Interpreters and/or Registered Visual Language Interpreters. For more information, please visit

What other credentials do CASLI members have?

There are a number of interpreter agencies, employers or referral agencies that have screening tools as part of their hiring process. These agencies may grant a designation that acknowledges the interpreter has undertaken and passed a specific screening. All of these screening tools and designations apply only to the agency or organization that administers the screening. Designations, whether through screening tools or educational institutions, do not equate to CASLI certification.  CASLI's Position Paper on the Use of “Certified Interpreter” in Canada can be viewed online by clicking here or viewed in ASL below:

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