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Step one: Review membership requirements

Please click here to see Benefits Afforded to Active and Student Membership Types and to the Subscription Service

Step two: Submit a request for membership or join as a subscriber

Submitting a request for membership allows CASLI to collect the necessary information to review and configure your membership. Requests for membership can be submitted at the bottom of this page.

Subscribers don't need to wait for membership approval or configuration. Once you've filled out the subscriber application form, you'll be able to make payment immediately.

Step three: Membership Approval

After receiving your request, the CASLI office will review it. Once approved, you will be emailed an invoice requesting payment for your membership.

Step four: Payment

After payment is received, your membership will be activated. The invoice you receive will include payment instructions.

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OR reactivate your membership, please contact the CASLI office at

Voice (vrs) / vp: 437-370-8127

Text: 289-988-3397