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Thank you for contacting the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI). Unfortunately, we are unable to directly help with your request to secure interpreters. CASLI is a non-profit organization that focuses on and advocates for quality, accessible interpreting service and professional development for sign language interpreters.

CASLI is not an agency that books interpreters for requests, nor do we coordinate interpreting services on behalf of external parties. However, we encourage you to contact our members directly to request service. You can use CASLI's Directory of Members to find interpreters in the province where you require service.  Please note our interpreter directory does not include specific demographic of self-identifying information of our members or any languages they might know other than ASL/LSQ and English/French.

You may also consider contacting one of our Affiliate Chapters in your region or province as they might have more information specific to your request. Please click here to see a list of Affiliate Chapters.

All the best with your search.

The CASLI office

Voice (vrs) / vp: 437-370-8127

Text: 289-988-3397