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How to Join CASLI as a Student Member

General Information

Thank you for your interest in joining CASLI! Here is some general information about CASLI membership:

    • CASLI Membership Year

The CASLI membership year is from April 1st to March 31st annually.  New memberships can be processed at any time of the year, but membership fees will not be pro-rated. All memberships must be renewed by the next March 31st. 

As an incentive for new members to join or expired/lapsed members to re-join, those that purchase a 2024-2025 membership between January 1 - March 31, 2024, will immediately be considered a member for the remainder of the current membership year at no additional cost.

    • Dual Membership Required

All CASLI members are required to be a dual member of CASLI and at least one (1) CASLI Affiliate Chapter of their choice.

    • Benefits of CASLI Membership

Click here to see a summary list of benefits afforded to CASLI members. 


Criteria for Membership

Student membership is reserved for those enrolled in a CASLI-recognized interpreter education program (IEP) and who are training to become professional sign language interpreters.

What if my IEP is not on CASLI (AVLIC)'s Recognized Program List?

For students enrolled in an IEP which does not appear on the CASLI-recognized IEP list, membership with CASLI may still be possible. CASLI's International IEP Review taskforce is mandated to review interpreter education programs which are not currently on the CASLI recognized IEP list (this includes IEPs within the USA). They then make recommendations to the CASLI Board of Directors to add IEPs with equitable program standards and outcomes to the current list. Contact the CASLI office to request a review by the International IEP Review taskforce.

Cost to Become a Student Member

The cost to become a student member depends on many factors, such as

    • Affiliate Chapter fees
    • if you are late to renew or if your membership status is lapsed/expired

For current pricing and to become a member please visit the Become a Member page

Are you a Current Member Looking to Renew your Membership?

Current memberships and subscription services can be renewed beginning January 1 and must be renewed by 11:59 pm PST of March 31 annually.

Renew your membership by logging into your member profile.


Are you a Former Member Looking to Reinstate your Membership? 

Please contact the CASLI office at


Send an email to

Voice (vrs) / vp: 437-370-8127

Text: 289-988-3397