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Letter to CASLI Members From the Board President

Saturday, October 30, 2021 2:40 PM | CASLI Executive Director (Administrator)

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Letter to CASLI Members From the Board President;

I am learning to accompany my days with a phrase: deep breath in, deep breath out - we’ve got this…together!

As we come up to another CASLI online AGM, I am hoping that breathing in and out will give us all the space that we need to be able to attend to what is shared and enjoy the presence of other interpreters as we gather online.

February of 2021 was the first Board meeting after the 2020 AGM. At this meeting, the outgoing Board provided information to the incoming Board. Since that time, this Board has been learning and growing and meeting with members and non-members alike.

Interpreters have shown up time and time again, passionate about ethics, accountability, and skill. Concerns have been shared. Past hurts have been mentioned. Values have been emphasized.

The Board has learned from every interaction.

And what we have learned is that it is time for CASLI to take a deep breath in, then out. Then pause to begin the healing work that is so desperately needed.

For the 2021 AGM - we will not be accepting motions from the floor as there are several important issues at play that need robust discussion with and decision making by the members.

Some of these discussions have been years in the making. Some are new.

COVID-19 broke into our processes and created disruption. The anthropause gave all Canadians the opportunity to reflect on the happenings of the previous year(s) and on the current state of the world and for our members, that included reflecting on interpreting as a profession in Canada. The 21+ months of COVID lockdowns, re-openings, and changes did not allow for CASLI to operate in the manner it normally would, and that has given us the lens we needed to see that much of what CASLI has been doing and maintaining needs to be refreshed.

Revitalisation can get underway at the 2021 AGM on Nov 20th, 2021. The revitalization process is not fully realized yet, but will begin with bringing forward plans from the past to implement in the present (PCRP and CES reviews) and will continue with input from our communities. Revitalisation will require the engagement of interpreters, community members, and others as we walk into the future - grounded, cohesive, better - TOGETHER.

Please watch your email for the AGM package coming out later today. The information will also be available on

With gratitude,

Jessica Siegers, COI, MBTL

Voice (vrs) / vp: 437-370-8127

Text: 289-988-3397