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Legal Interpreting Position Paper

A synopsis of the Legal Interpreting Position Paper is available in ASL below. Find the applicable section and then click details to view the ASL video. The English version of the position paper can be found at the bottom of this page, or view the synopsis of the paper in English here.

1) Why this translation was made

2) Title

3) Why does CASLI have a position paper on legal interpreting

4) How it was created

5) Why is the term 'discourse' used

6) What about LSQ - French Interpreters

7) Best practice approaches to effective interpretation

8) Takes time

9) Increased use of consecutive interpreting

10) Blending consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

11) Recognzing the limitations of simultaneous interpreting

12) Use of notetaking

13) Qualifications of an interpreter

14) Team Interpreting

15) Deaf Interpreters

16) Visually recording interpretation

17) Interpreting via video remote interpreting

18) The ethics of professional behaviour

19) Roles

20) Preparation

21) Interpreter as expert witness

22) Qualifying as an interpreter

23) Appendices

24) Conclusion

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Text: 289-988-3397